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Brief : Pick a functional equity that best fits your chosen brand and create a campaign based off the equity.  

LUSH creates a "spiritual," store experience. Being immersed into this world with a mindful appetite to bring unity around the world. A meaningful brand that only wants the best for others, the environment and animals. 

Problem : Walking into LUSH and feeling a bit overwhelmed on what to look at first. 

Insight : Customers often have a hard time finding products that best fit to their skin type or beauty care products. 

Target : Females from 15 - 35 who enjoy shopping at LUSH but sometimes have difficulty picking out products that work for them and will love. 

Strategy : To create an event that helps consumers find products that best fits to them spiritually. 

Concept : The "Aura," Experience allows consumers to participate and have their aura read by a machine to see the colours you radiate. Afterwards a LUSH expert will help find products that best fit to your and your aura. Take pictures and post it onto social media with the #YOURAURA

" Each and every one of us has energy pulsing through our bodies and by using advanced technology we can see the magnetic waves we radiate from within. These waves are then translated into colours and we can see our inner light. Each colour corresponds with a mood. How you feel on the inside reflects on the outside. "

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